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Tools of the Trade

(updated 2018.09.04) At the higher levels of scorekeeping, it’s common for scorekeepers to bring their own equipment with them, instead of using what the organizer has with them. This is primarily an advantage in familiarity: you can have your machine setup in the way that you want it, with the style of hotkeys that you […]

Digital Match Result Slips

“Why aren’t result slips digital?” Because it’s a horrible idea once you dive into it, and would only make tournaments worse for just about everyone involved.   … no, that isn’t enough of a reason? Well, let’s dig into this further.

PlayerLink Online, Version 4

So, I’ve had a busy couple months… PlayerLink Online started in 2010 as a small web tool for showing online pairings to players at Legion Grand Prix. Since then, it has been a catalyst for personal growth, providing a place for me to learn about practical web development, server infrastructure and configuration, internationalization, and more. […]