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Online Pairings, Without Special Tech

The majority of my work around event technology has been specifically around simplifying the process of getting tournament data to players. RTools connects with tournament software to grab tournament data, and PlayerLink Online provides a web interface for this information to be provided to players efficiently. But, what if none of that website tech is […]

Digital Match Result Slips

“Why aren’t result slips digital?” Because it’s a horrible idea once you dive into it, and would only make tournaments worse for just about everyone involved.   … no, that isn’t enough of a reason? Well, let’s dig into this further.

Help Me Help You – Have a Wizards Account, and Update It!

Earlier this year, Wizards of the Coast made a transition, moving most of their logins and player data into a unified system called “Wizards Accounts”. This transition included the moving of all tournament information (match history, DCI number, Planeswalker Points) into this new system. This transition also had several behind-the-scenes changes for events. For example, […]